The lesson of Prince Harry’s grief?

The lesson of Prince Harry’s grief ? We need mental health services for all. 0ne of my strongest memories of attending Princess Diana’s funeral is of sitting up high in Westminster Abbey and looking down on her young sons. During the long service no one touched them or hugged them, though everyone was moved by [...]

NHS England to set up ‘Brexit unit’ to ensure smooth transition

NHS England is in the process of establishing a special unit to deal with the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union to ensure “a smooth transition and protect the NHS”. Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, said at an NHS board meeting this morning that the NHS Brexit unit would “make sure, [...]

How dieters are in denial: People underestimate how much they eat by up to 50%

Many a dieter 'forgets' about a chocolate bar they've eaten in the hope the calories didn't count. Now, a study reveals the practice of living in denial may be more widespread than ever. People are under-reporting how many calories they consume by up to 50 per cent, a new study suggests. Many national surveys conclude [...]

Short home care visits ‘plague system’

Source: BBC Source: Thinkstock Unacceptably short 15-minute home care visits to elderly and disabled people are still plaguing the care system in England, a report suggests. Research by Unison found "distressing" cases of care being compromised after surveying councils and care workers. Councils are not meant to schedule 15-minute visits for personal care, like help [...]

Many High Street pharmacies in England face closure, says minister

Source: BBC Source: Thinkstock Thousands of High Street pharmacies in England face closure following plans to cut NHS funding by £170m, according to Health Minister Alistair Burt. Department of Health officials argue that in some parts of the country there are more pharmacies than needed. But the Royal Pharmaceutical Society says this could put [...]

Technology will never replace doctors – but they must embrace it

Source: Telegraph GP surgery. Source: Alamy By Professor Maureen Baker, Chair of the Royal College of GPs Would you rather find out you had terminal cancer from a smartphone app, or from a sympathetic and well-trained human being? I'm no clairvoyant, but the idea of technology replacing doctors – a topic raised by [...]

Alzheimer’s could be spotted 20 years before the first symptoms appear

Source: Telegraph Spotting the earliest signs of Alzheimer's could lead to new treatments for preventing the onset of dementia, scientists believe Changes in the brain can give an early indication that Alzheimer's will develop. Source: ALAMY Alzheimer's could be spotted in people 20 years before the first symptoms appear, scientists have found. Researchers at [...]

Cheap epilepsy drug could prevent nerve damage in Multiple Sclerosis

Source: Telegraph The anti-seizure drug phenytoin was found to protect neural tissue in MS patients with optic neuritis, potentially preventing the onset of blindness An MRI scan revealing multiple sclerosis. Source: Alamy A cheap epilepsy drug which is already prescribed on the NHS could prevent nerve damage in people with Multiple Sclerosis, a new [...]

Rise in serious incidents at English mental health trusts

Source: BBC Source: SPL More than 8,000 serious incidents were reported by mental health trusts in England last year - an increase of more than a third over a two-year period. The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Liberal Democrats, include a rise in unexpected deaths and suicides. The NHS [...]

Patients given hip implants made the wrong size

Source: Telegraph Metal-on-metal implants were introduced in the UK in the 1990s when they were promoted as offering better mobility than replacements which use a metal ball and plastic socket. Source: Telegraph Hip implants which have left thousands of British people in pain were manufactured incorrectly at a factory in Yorkshire, The Telegraph [...]