Dementia Diaries can educate all generations on the challenges of mental health

A collection of true stories, gathered from young people who have had first-hand experience of living with dementia, are to be recognised at the NHS England’s Excellence in Participation awards. The ‘Dementia Diaries’ are a range of ‘touching and funny’ stories, written for young people by Matthew Snyman thanks to an initiative by the Social [...]

Healthcare organisations collaborate on project to improve ‘joined up’ care for older people

Five leading independent healthcare organisations have launched a new 18-month project aiming to capture older people’s experiences of care coordination and from this develop a diagnostic tool that can effectively measure the quality of care on offer. Reflecting the current public interest in the need for better co-ordinated health and social care, the participating organisations [...]

Can a low IQ and poor cardiovascular fitness lead to dementia?

A new study has suggested that low IQ and a lack of exercise in the teenage years could increase the risk of dementia. Researchers in Sweden undertook a large survey that analysed over 1.1 million young men to determine the likelihood of developing the condition before the age of 60. They concluded that the boys [...]

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

Breakthrough in the onset of Alzheimer's - Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center, in Washington, have this week announced a significant development in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. In studying how mild cognitive impairment emerges, a team has been successful in validating a blood test that can predict whether Alzheimer’s will occur within three years, [...]

Growing number of care homes using controversial doll therapy on people with dementia

Doll therapy is being used in a growing number of care homes, yet it is still seen as a controversial intervention despite its benefits. The image of an older person cuddling and singing to a child's doll can seem strange and incongruous. Yet care homes have found older people with dementia enjoy cuddling the dolls [...]

Government Announces Apprentice Plans To Boost Nursing Careers

Healthcare assistants already working in hospitals will be able to skip the traditional degree route and train on the job to become a nurse under a new initiative, it has been announced. New degree-level apprenticeships are being set up which the government said will allow more people to become nurses, the Department for Business Innovation [...]