Care fees and NHS Continuing Healthcare

uk homeThe biggest myth about care fees is that you always have to sell your home to pay for care…

Do you have an older relative needing full time care?

In the UK, whether or not your relative pays for care does not depend on how much money they have or whether they own a house.

If they need full time care primarily for their health and nursing care needs, 100% of their care fees should be paid by the NHS. This funding is called NHS Continuing Healthcare. Every single day thousands of people wrongly pay care fees because the authorities give people misleading information about this.

3 reasons to object to a financial assessment or means test

How to use this website

Care To Be Different is an information resource about NHS care funding in England, and it shows you what to do if your relative is told to pay for full time care. Here’s how we can help you:

Please note: We don’t have a free telephone helpline. If you need advice about your own care fees situation, you’ll need to book telephone advice via this website (not by phone), and we’ll be happy to help you. Find out more here.

How to get through a Continuing Healthcare assessment

Angela Sherman, director, Care To Be DifferentCare To Be Different was set up by Angela Sherman after her marathon 3 1/2 year battle with the NHS to secure Continuing Healthcare funding for both of her parents. She has also written a book, How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care, to help families get through Continuing Healthcare assessments and argue their case.

How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care

“We were so grateful to find a clear and helpful guide to the process at a time when my mum was so vulnerable. It gave our family the confidence to successfully fight for NHS funding. The NHS should be ashamed of the way families/carers are treated: incorrect records, withholding information, conflicting information… I felt I must write to thank you for the information.”  Rachel